With a title that could be construed as a football pun, the gang is back better than ever to talk about a week that actually had relevant things happen for finance. The cast you know and love is back to full form with an episode so jimmy-jammed with bonus content you’ll need to open up a second bank account just to hold all the value.

What can a relatively nondiverse World Championship meta tell us about finance? Which card is such a good Pick of the Week that it is double-teamed? Who manages to turn his What’s It Worth? into a Pick of the Week without even trying? Who thinks “Timmy” refers to players who take Friday Night Magic a little too seriously? Which cast member is only present to open the show before ducking out? Why won’t Jason stop riffling tokens in his microphone? Find out the answer to all these questions and more, including where you can buy a sweet Brainstorm Brewery play mat when your favorite finance podcast returns with a vengeance. Join us for all of the value and none of the cost on Brainstorm Brewery.

  • The Magic World Championship metagame was a little dull. What was the breakout tech that has Ryan and Jason seeing dollar signs?
  • It’s a smooth segue right into Pick of the Week, and it’s so chock-full of value it threatens to run the length of the entire cast.
  • Speaking of What’s It Worth?, what’s a From the Vault: Twenty worth, and what should we pay? Keep it sealed or bust it? What’s this going to do to the value of Jace, the Mind Sculptor? What other hidden gems are in here that people are too busy ignoring because they aren’t Jace? The cast goes deep on FTV talk, and it’s all stuff you can?t miss.
  • The wait is over: The Brainstorm Brewery tokens are here at last! Find out how to get your own today!
  • This may be the last cast before Gen Con, the gang would be remiss if they didn’t bring it up. If you can physically make it this year, don’t miss it or there won’t be enough years in the rest of your life to regret it completely.
  • What’s It Worth? happens, but not without a few The Hobbit references peppered in. Corbin turns it into a full learning experience, don’t miss a single second.
  • Don’t you just love it when the gang is recording when they don?t think the mics are on? Stay tuned at the end for some bonus content that we know you’ll enjoy.


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