Brainstorm Brewery takes a stand in this one, folks. In a week where not much happened financially, the cast has another guest on to talk about a few things other than finance and they’re here to tell you that you can love it or leave it. The guest in question- Polish Tamales, arguably the most prolific, the most loved and the most maligned fan artist in the community. Polish Tamales talks all about legal troubles, and giving back to the community but that doesn’t mean he’s a slouch when it comes time to talk MTG Finance and he wades right and gets his hands dirty when it’s time for “Pick of the Week”. The gang finishes strong by addressing a few existential questions about the nature of finance and what to do when a card spikes in price, and what to do when that price spike happens months away from the start of the season of the format the card’s played in. Cans of worms get opened, feedback e-mails are addressed and Polish Tamales may even tell everyone his real name (spoiler alert, no he won’t). It’s one part interview cast, one part finance throwdown and one part announcement that we like the way we do things here on your favorite MTG Finance podcast and we hope you like the way we do things, too. This episode of the cast will have you asking “Is it Polish, like Polish people, or is it like nail polish, or what?” until an hour flies by and you realize you accidentally learned a thing or two. This is Brainstorm Brewery.

  • The usual gang of idiots is joined by Polish Tamales; an artist you can find out more about right here on Gathering Magic.
  • Polish Tamales has had a bit of legal trouble which is now largely resolved. The gang can’t resist getting sucked into hearing more and more about how it all went down and how long it took to get straightened out.
  • “Pick of the Week” is overflowing with value, and the guest even throws down with a modern staple who price is out of control that you may have noticed.
  • Is Intruder Alarm the real deal or is its price spike pure hype? The conflicting answers lead the gang down a rabbit hole into an existential debate about the nature of price spikes.
  • Three distinct categories of price spike are identified and the gang lets you know what to do in the case of each one. How do you know if a spike is sustainable and how do you know if it’s manipulation by malicious forces on the market? The gang provides advice.
  • There’s enough on the table for another discussion- you know they wouldn’t leave you hanging. Tune in next week for more discussion about spikes in price.


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