It’s set review time again, and everyone is excited except for our hosts. With a big old bag of Mythics and Rares to go through, the gang is back at it again, recording their educated guesses for posterity with the hopes of making you some money, or helping you save some, this pre-release weekend. The same scale from last time with A denoting a card you should buy with cash right now all the way to E/F for cards to stay away from and sell on sight, you’ll get a clear picture of which cards to target at the prerelease and maybe even a few you want to preorder right now. No segments, no songs, no gimmicks, just wall to wall set review in a jam packed episode that will have you wishing you could sew more pockets in your pants to hold all the value. Tune in to a special, extra long episode of your favorite podcast that will have you asking “How many decks DOES Thoughtseize get played in?” Tune in for false equivalencies, a little hedging and a lot of top-notch finance info on Brainstorm Brewery.

  • First and foremost, the gang wants to do a new running segment where they evaluate a trade you were part of. Send a list of the cards involved in the trade to [email protected] to get their feedback and have your name read on the cast. Some light mockery is a possibility if the trade was lopsided or your name is silly.
  • Interested in contributing to as a writer or editor? Submit your credentials to [email protected].
  • The set review doesn’t leave time for much else this week.
  • Marcel mentions the 0-2 drop party from GP Oakland. Want to watch? Feast your eyes.


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