The Theros pre-release is behind us and it’s time to take a look back at what we learned and how that might bode for the future of this children’s card game we all know and love. To properly recount the experience, the gang enlists the help of Erin Campbell (@OriginalOestrus). It wasn’t too long that Jason was a guest on Erin’s cast, The Deck Tease, and the gang is delighted to have Erin come by and visit. Who’s brewing with some very unconventional cards and color combinations? Who sparked a controversy with a strong opinion about what is widely regarded as a safe financial investment? Who’s not happy about the winning beer flavor from the contest? Does Theros play at all like we expected? Find out the answer to all these questions and more when the Deck Tease herself stops by the playground to mix it up with the boys of finance in what is one of the best episodes yet of your favorite MTG Finance podcast, Brainstorm Brewery.

  • First and foremost, the gang wants to do a new running segment where they evaluate a trade you were part of. Send a list of the cards involved in the trade to [email protected] to get their feedback and have your name read on the cast. Some light mockery is a possibility if the trade was lopsided or your name is silly.
  • Interested in contributing to as a writer or editor? Submit your credentials to [email protected].
  • The winning beer variety from the poll from two weeks ago is Black IPA. @MMotyka and @SlickJagger are already getting to work brewing up a special batch in time for?
  • GP Montreal which promises to be GP Vegas 2.0. Hear all about the plans; the booze cube train ride, the after party, the format (who cares? It’s Vegas 2.0!). You won?t want to miss your chance to party with the brew crew and pick up your very own bottle of Brainstorm Brew or a Brainstorm Brewery pint glass to enjoy it in.
  • How was Theros limited? Opinions are mixed, but no punches are pulled.
  • Erin comes prepared with her own Pick of the Week to join the rest of the crew in your favorite segment.
  • Jason has a very controversial opinion about Shock Lands and the entire crew weighs in. This is a segment that is going to be talked about for months.
  • Special thanks to our guest, Erin Campbell AKA @OriginalOestrus on twitter. Check out her podcast on, iTunes or Stitcher and follow her on twitter.


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