Not a whole lot happened in the last week outside of a temporary decline in MODO prices brought on by the unscheduled maintenance and a lack of confidence in the long-term viability of MODO, but prices have already returned to normal mostly. The gang doesn’t want to take any of that out on you and manages to find quite a bit to talk about instead of resorting to a guest appearance or a gimmick to cope with the down time. Making like they’re employees at a Build-A-Bear workshop and your head is the limp, empty shell of some manner of stuffed animal and sweet nuggets of financial goodness are the stuffing, you’re going to get some wisdom piped into your dome whether you signed up for it or not. With questions about the viability of Legacy staples as long-term holds, financial opportunities in unexpected places and the sky falling on MODO, this won’t feel like an off week at all. It will feel like the boys are taking you to school.


  • MODO prices tanked briefly but seem to have stabilized for the most part. Is there still opportunity here? What could be causing the prices to come back up?
  • Pick of the Week covers all formats this week and deals with prices that make no sense.
  • The winner of the drawing will be announced soon, and all other entrants will be sent their consolation prizes. Stay tuned for the announcement on a future episode.
  • The T-shirts were printed this week. Thank you to all who supported the cast. Future merch is announced.
  • A Legacy Grand Prix happened in DC over the weekend. What was exciting about it?
  • Some Legacy cards appear to be going down and some going up. What should you do if you’re looking to invest? The gang presents several opinions.
  • Interested in contributing to as a writer? Submit your credentials to [email protected].  We have already published articles written by other fans- don’t miss your chance to be part of one of the fastest-growing brands in the game.


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4 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #78 – Apparently Sesquicentennial Means 150

  1. Josh Rose says:

    Since the release of the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Planeswalker set the price has jumped drastically. As a collector this is probably my all time most wanted item from Magic the Gathering. What do you think the long-term price of that set is and do you think that the price will drop once the Planeswalkers from this set have rotated, after all Chandra the Pyromaster is currently sitting at $220 low end likely because she’s currently playable, your thoughts? I noticed that someone on ebay was selling the box on its own for $30, and no, buying the planeswalkers separately is not worth the trouble. Also I would like to know if any of you were lucky enough to get in on the Hasbro website release and could you hook a long time listener up?

    *sparkly grin*

  2. Jason Alt says:

    Scg just lowered the price on the set from $500 to $425. I think that bodes poorly for their short term collectibility. None of the five are iconic walkers- the set is a big deal because of how few there are. I don’t anticipate wizards showing restraint and not doing all black cards ever again, either, so it is unlikely the novelty of this set will hold up, either. I would stay away- I don’t think we have seen the floor yet.

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