The cast turns eighty, which is old enough to drive a car into a farmer’s market and blame it on the floor mat. This episode starts with a bang—do financiers tend to hedge their bets because they’re afraid to be wrong? It doesn’t let up, as the gang goes down a laundry list of finance trends and happenings as well as some discussion of the evolving Standard format. Which price spike this week was a classic Aluren scenario? Who’s going the broadest with his Pick of the Week? What should you do when an old block becomes available for Magic Online Draft? Find out the answer to all these questions and more, including a listener-submitted trade proposal that the gang seems genuinely split on. Join us for another hour of your favorite Magic podcast that will have you asking, “Promo Priest of Titania is worth how much!?” This is Brainstorm Brewery.


  • An old sore subject is a good jumping-off point for a discussion about hedging from the finance community. What responsibility does the finance-writing community owe its readership, and what should the readers demand? Are writers too afraid to be wrong? Is it impossible to cover every contingency?
  • A Modern card went up and is already back down again following a brief frenzy seemingly backed by no demand. How do we know if a price spike is the genuine article? What are some quick ways to mentally check yourself at checkout?
  • All roads lead to and from Pick of the Week, as selling tips for TCGplayer, old cards whose prices we thought were set in stone, and the future openness of the Standard format are all discussed. You won’t want to miss a second.
  • A listener sends in a letter proposing a trade. Which side do you want to be on? The gang weighs the pros and cons.
  • Magic Online is seeing Modern Masters Drafts for a limited time. The gang dispenses valuable advice.
  • Is the podcast not enough of a finance fix? Check out the articles at the cast’s own website or spend some time on Reddit so you don’t miss a thing.


Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.


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