It’s a Modern-tastic episode as the gang is joined by Mox Reuby himself—Reuben Bresler (@moxreuby). With bannings and unbannings shaking up the Modern format, there is a lot to discuss. How much of it is finance, and how much of it is general speculation about what the Modern format will look like? You decide! So who plays devil’s advocate in what turns into most of the cast wanting to compliment Courser of Kruphix even more than the last guy? How does Reueben feel about Chromanticore? Will you be mailing Chromanticores to Jason like everyone else? What other overlooked banning is going to affect people? Was the early buyout of Bitterblossom due to bad, new speculators; good, old speculators; or dirty, rotten cheaters using insider information? Is Faeries going to be the new king of Modern? Find out the answer to all these ques-tions and more on a fun-filled episode that will have you saying, “That’s too many Picks of the Week, even for them.”

  • Reuben Bresler makes a special guest appearance (@moxreuby)
  • The Photoshop contest winners need prizes. What do they win? We still don’t know!
  • Picks of the Week go so deep I pluralized it and said “Picks” instead of “Pick.”
  • How will the banning of Deathrite Shaman affect Modern? Was it necessary?
  • How will the unbanning of Bitterblossom and Wild Nacatl affect Modern?
  • How will the banning of Sylvan Primordial in Commander affect how Jason casts Tooth and Nail?
  • What is Reuben doing with his newfound free time?
  • Is there a Bitterblossom-related conspiracy to go along with #mtgconspiracy?


Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.


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