It’s a new finance landscape than it was a year ago and the gang is left with as many questions as answers as we watch cards that spiked to unprecedented levels are beginning to normalize. Pro Tour Born of the Gods made some people a lot of money, but who really benefitted? Was it a good idea to buy Azusa at $15, knowing what we know now? How significant is a card being out of stock on TCG Player? Jason shares a story about an unfilled order that doesn’t put the blame on who you might think. And are TCG Player sellers sometimes the victim of people gaming the system? Ryan shares his experience. Are these radial price spikes due to increased popularity of the game, a new wave of speculators or is Pro Tour hype that much more significant than it was a year ago? Are any of the spiking cards new? With decklists from the new duel deck spoiled and the gang spoiling exclusive cards from Booze Cube 2.0, you’re going to feel like you’re spoiled with all of the value. Someone goes full Vorthos, someone goes full pirate and someone goes full Vegas as bets are made. You won’t want to miss a second of this installment of your favorite podcast that will leave you wondering “How many times is Amulet of Vigor going to hit $4 before people stop calling it a bulk rare?” Join us for Brainstorm Brewery.


  • No guest this week. What, we’re not good enough for you?
  • Are the new price spikes real or the result of people being bad at this? Opinions vary.
  • When an order is cancelled or modified, do you always know the whole story?
  • Do these new price spikes mean we’re in a bubble of some sort?
  • What is Remand going to look like in 3 months?
  • Pick of the Week goes super deep and someone hedges!
  • How did friend of the cast Ray “Future Pro” Perez do in Valencia?
  • Pick of the Week is all about Modern and some are better than others
  • Got pics of you wearing our shirt or using our mat? Send them in for a chance at a prize!
  • The address is [email protected]


Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.


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