Based on some feedback, the gang has decided to reformat the show to make it conform to the consensus from the community. The cast has been streamlined and will follow a new, shorter format from now on. It is all the finance news you want in under five minutes, without all the filler.

  • What were the biggest winners and losers on MTGStocks?
  • Pick of the Week finishes in record time.
  • What cards are good pickups right now?
  • Outro




The cast continues in the spirit of April Fools’ Day and invites Elliot Scott (@hackworth) on to talk about “casual” finance, Commander, speculation about the new Duel Decks, and more. It’s an extra-long After Hours installment that will have you saying, “I’m glad they put the podcast at the end so I can turn it off after five minutes.” Whose Pick of the Week costs more than a yearly subscription to StarCityGames Premium? Who is late to cast and doesn’t have the benefit of a good excuse? Who might be right after all about the plane where the fall set will take place? Find out all this and more on an extra-long After Hours!

  • The gang is joined by Elliot Scott (@hackworth) husband of @moxymtg and great guy
  • Commander (2013 Edition) is being reissued. How will prices be affected?
  • What could be in Duel Decks: Speed vs. Cunning? Eldrazi? Hellrider? Who knows?
  • How do you tell spikes on cards like Food Chain from spikes on cards like Teferi’s Puzzle Box?
  • Are Legacy duals going to go up forever, or is this an unsustainable peak?
  • Elliot buys and trades, hoping to make Modern affordable. How does he “finance”?
  • How does Elliot balance work and a family with a game that asks so much of our time?
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