Brainstorm Brewery Episode 139 – Dragons of Tarkir Set Review

It’s the Dragons of Tarkir Set Review. We review cards from Dragons of Tarkir. All of the rares and mythic rares. And Marcel pronounces things wrong and it’s funny.


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4 comments on Brainstorm Brewery Episode 139 – Dragons of Tarkir Set Review

  1. scotty says:

    I wasn’t sure where to post this idea since I’m not on QS insider anymore, but I was listening to the podcast and thinking about avatar of the resolute and I was wondering about strangleroot geist as a spec. The price is low, the card is good, has resilience, fits in mono green in modern, and works to make your avatar bigger. Picture turn 1 experiment one, turn 2 strangleroot, turn three avatar and aspect. Would love feedback, even if it is to tell me why it is a bad spec.

  2. Aaron Estrin says:

    Atarka’s Command is probably not a huge moneymaker at $5, however it seems unlikely to stay that low long term. This is going to be a four of in every Modern burn deck out of the gates. That deck wants more Skullcracks, and this is at least three, and often 5 – 7 damage in that deck. Not sure why you guys are so low on it, but keep this in mind!

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