Brainstormbrewery #256: Three MCs and One DJ

With Corbin gone, Ryan and Marcel emerge to bless the cast with their knowledge of recent MTG news.   A primary point of discussion are reprints; specifically the reprints just unveiled from iconic masters, as well as the impact of increased reprints over the past several years.   Ryan discusses the different audiences served by different products.    The cast discusses the changes implied by Magic Arena.   Marcel gets a chance to mispronounce new words whenever Ixalan spoilers are covered.   More things happen, and DJ has to leave early, but Ryan and Marcel are back.  What else do you need to know?

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One comment on “Brainstormbrewery #256: Three MCs and One DJ

  1. AvidClown says:

    Really REEEEEEALLY nice to hear Marcel say Emetrius again. :) Welcome back, gentlemen..please don’t be strangers.

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