Brainstormbrewery #257: Final Fantasy Football: An Ixalan Set Review

With Corbin still vacationing in an Olive Garden and DJ calling in from a remote unknown hotel location, Andy and Sean of the Commander’s Brew podcast join for an Ixalan set review.   With so many EDH minds gathered in one space, cards are considered for their Commander implications with an eye towards identifying a price range for pick-up.    Find out what cards the cast likes, or at least which one Jason doesn’t hate, and hear the phrase “Dino Deck” repeated with perhaps too much frequency.

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5 comments on Brainstormbrewery #257: Final Fantasy Football: An Ixalan Set Review

  1. mild mongrel says:

    I dont understand what qualifies you to make set reviews anymore (why am i listening to it? to see how wrong you can be). People call you MTG Finance guys but you are so uninformed – read some articles listen to other podcast (gam by gerry thompson, toplevel by chapin) who test the cards and who know their stuff. And THEN make a set review

    1. Search for Azcanta – Everybody who tested this card knows its great. Every Pro who wrote about it sees modern applications. It already went up a little but could go up alot more since there are no masterpieces and the mythics/pws are kinda weak. You are all so incredibly wrong on this card. Could easily be 8-10 dollars.

    2.Rowdy Crew – Tom Ross loves it, AJ Sacher does, Brennan DeCandio thinks its the most underrated card in the set. And you. You make the rookie mistake – you look at the word “random” and then also look at the probability of the +2+2 effect (which is admittely low) and then judge it by those lines of words. Maybe just judge it as it is will ya? 4 mana 3/3 replaces itsself ( draw 3 discard 2 is better than draw a card since you can sandbag land and in many decks the grave is an extension of the hand- IF it gets the +2+2 its pretty much the best 4 drop ever printed 4 mana 5/5 trample draw a card). It is a mythic and when chandra and hazoret fade out, this could easily be a 15Dollar card. Jeez Guys, you are so bad at evaluating cards.

    The only card you are right about is Hostage Taker. That Card is great. It is also the most obvious great card, so yeah..good job. Get a pro on for every set review, this is my advice.

  2. The John Cena of MTG Finance says:

    Whoa, I feel the criticism is unwarranted. I listen to your show to gather overall themes and general impressions about what is currently occurring in the magic the gathering community and finance community. I don’t come for handouts, I look at the reasons behind your pick of the week and breaking bulk and use that information to shape my purchasing behavior.

    Perhaps where the previous poster and I differ is I use Mtgo financial information to save money by making smarter purchases of cards I want, Whereas Mild Mongrel is look for strictly profit margins. Even if both cards that Mild Mongrel mention double are you really turning a profit worth the time and effort? The big takeaway from this episode is that taking a long approach will benefit you more the trying to guess where the market is going. Keep up the good work brew crew.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think the biggest overlooked element with the ‘flipchantments’ is that at worse, they can ramp you into an additional land.
    It seems like just getting an additional untapped land on turn 4 or 5 alone could have a big impact.

  4. Damon Tarloth says:

    Really Corbin??? Lol…

    I just saw a message on page that says how much Corbin loves the pricing information on MTGPrice!!!

    “I use MTGPrice as my selling price at the store, been super happy with the site so far :)”
    – @corbinhosler

    For Several weeks now Sengir Vampire has been the “Biggest Gainer of the Day!” Origins Version worth $39.42! That is some great information! This sounds like a great way to keep your customers happy!

    1. MTGHero says:

      @Damon Tarloth —

      If you didn’t already know, Corbin is the biggest shill in MTG history. Just listen for the banter and the interplay of jokes

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