Brainstorm Brewery 258: Participation Trophy Husband

This episode is the finest combination of mtg finance mixed with amazingly odd discussions.  Corbin returns to share stories of his time in Europe; we find out what he did with his time instead of absorbing centuries of ancient art and culture.  We discover if “spiny stuff” or “grindy stuff” kills more people in equipment-related accidents.  DJ and Jason drop sick burns on people that date their gaming devices in Asia.  There are also some amazing picks including a rare sealed product recommendation.   Jason tells you which portion of EDH to ignore for finance purposes.  But frankly this episode is the hot fire of random insanity you have come to know and love.   Download and be blessed.

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2 comments on Brainstorm Brewery 258: Participation Trophy Husband

  1. boner_storm says:

    this is the best episode since the MD where Jason talked about his future daughter sculpting dicks in art class. laughed hard

  2. Damon (DZT) says:

    That was a hilarious episode!

    I used to have a paid membership for but didn’t renew for another year as they would never fix my log in password to work correctly and many areas of the site continued to slowly be ignored/forgotten about… Now the pricing information is a pile…

    Does anyone know a different site that shows the list of the daily/weekly top 50 cards that increased/decreased, and the card with the highest gains for the day across all formats? A site that easily gives that information??? Also if possible one that shows how much each of the main online companies are selling/buying each card for.

    I’ve checked out MTGStocks and it’s okay, but it’s not as in-depth as I need.

    I’ve also checked out Quietspeculation, but you can’t really get a feel for the site to really know if it’s worth over a $100 a year for a subscription. And you can’t even sign up for a day/week for free to give the site a test drive to see how accurate, current, and in-depth the information is, without paying money up front! That right there gives me some hesitation, and a feeling that they are not very confident that you would give them money after you actually see what they are offering…

    Any suggestions for any other sites???

    I do still check out mtgprice to read the articles and podcasts! :)

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