Money Draught #69 — Retail Sub-genre of Fiascos

Topics include: recent MTG developments including Arena, “the greatest moment in the history of magic coverage”, retail victims of Amazon, and crypto-currencies.

** This cast is for mature listeners that don’t care about sound quality. Recorded 9/21/17 **

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Your Hosts:
Jason Alt — @JasonEAlt
Slick Jagger — @slickJagger
JR — @time_elemental

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One comment on “Money Draught #69 — Retail Sub-genre of Fiascos

  1. JerseyBricklayer says:

    ‘Is something playing in the background of this podcast? Did I get a popup? What is all this random noise?’
    ‘Oh…. someones playing a game on the cast. First cast in forever and can’t focus, ha!’
    *hits 16:30-16:43*
    ‘Did my audio just stop?…. nope! 13 second pause. Holy Audicity batman!’

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