Money Draught #56 – Pipe Dreams

Topics include: Magic’s potential as an eSport and profession, Enter the Battlefield, the “top two” pilot errors resulting in aeronautic stalls, and an oddity within an oddity in avian evolution.

** This cast is for mature listeners**

Your Hosts:
Jason Alt — @JasonEAlt
Slick Jagger — @slickJagger
JR — @time_elemental

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3 comments on Money Draught #56 – Pipe Dreams

  1. Ominous says:

    I don’t play heartstone and I don’t always mind peremptory comments, but seriously?

    On 100k people deciding to watch someone open packs of a new set of Heartstone:
    “God, Heartstone players are idiots […] Wait, am I wasting my life on being a mediocre follower piece of shit?”

    There’s more in the episode, if you can stand it.

    That’s really the pretentious asshole tone you want to have on your podcast?

  2. Jason Alt says:

    Have you even listened to this cast before?

  3. Infersader says:

    Yea I had to stop listening after you started mocking the more successful game. Not even an attempt to understand why people might enjoy watching Kripp, just old man ignorance. Good riddance.

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