Brainstorm Brewery #193 – Justification After the Cast

We’re so tantalizingly-close to episode 200 you can practically taste it. How are we spending our time until then? By producing the best possible podcast on the planet. Seriously, you’re getting this podcast for free. That’s value. If you only know one thing about MTG Finance and it’s “The best MTG Finance podcast is free” then you know a lot. You’ll know even more after this week when we hit you with some knowledge bombs. We don’t even explode those bombs, we just hit you with them. Why would we detonate those bombs? The knowledge inside would blow up along with them. It’s like you don’t even think.



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One comment on “Brainstorm Brewery #193 – Justification After the Cast

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would love to use duels for basic testing, but it’s not coupled to mtgo.

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