Pitt Imps Podcast #112 Back Pain

This week, the Imps have prerelease stories. Not much else really happened in competitive Magic, so its a good thing we had these. We do go over the B&R Announcement as well as the Commander rule change. Keep in mind that none of us are hardcore Commander players so I don’t think we really understood all the outrage. Any who, this is our show. There are many like it but , this one is ours. Our show is our best friend. It is our life. We must master it like we must master our life. Without us our show is useless. Without our show we are useless. We must fire our show true. We must shoot straighter than the other casts that are trying to kill us. We must shoot them before they shoot us. We will. Before God we swear this creed. Our show and ourselves re defenders of this game. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of our lives. So be it, until there is no enemy, but peace, and men.

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