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Pitt Imps Podcast #126 Mine Ja Bidness

So in a week of 2 GP’s (1 legacy, 1 Limited), I got to talk about Zach Jesse again. We also put our feet squarely in  our mouths. That’s right its time for our best of Origins review. We also do a little exercise to see who gets into the MTG Hall of Fame. So its long, go listen. Host Angelo     Twitter  @ganksuou Co-Host Mike     Twitter  @Huntmaster_Mike Co-Host  Will     Facebook You Vote For The Hall of Fame Show Email    [email protected] The Pitt Imps comes to you each week by Taitan Game Shop and Brainstorm Brewery

Pitt Imps Podcast #124 Week Late But Here

After a missed week the Imps return to go over the two GP’s. We get into the entire spoilers and all the Origins news that was released. Ang makes a special announcement during one of the ads and we tell you guys about our time at GP Charlotte. I’m sure there is more but its slipping my mind at the moment. Host Angelo   Twitter @ganksuou Co-Host Mike   Twitter @Huntmaster_Mike email   [email protected] Pitt Imps is brought to you each week by Brainstorm Brewery and Taitan Game Shop

Pitt Imps Podcast #121 I Didn’t New What It Dud

This week we found out last minute that Angelo would be flying solo. Luckily for him, a couple guys jumped right in there to pick up the slack. The each go over Pet Decks of theirs as well as what they are currently playing in Standard. They go over the SCG Legacy Open. Angelo sends his good buddy Tangent not really hidden messages through out the show. They also0 tackle the MM2015 Pack fiasco.

Host Angelo     Twitter   @ganksuou

Guest Mascot     Buttercup   (Dave)  Twitter  @NinjaDave04

Guest Kyle      Twitter  @ArcaneWarrior

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Pitt Imps Podcast #120 No News

Well its a good thing we had 3 major tournaments to cover because this show would of been very short. We fought through Angelo’s computer issues to put out a good episode. We talked about our testing gauntlets and the major gap in coverage between SCG and Wizards. Its really bad. Host Angelo    Twitter   @ganksuou Co Host   Mike    Twitter   @Huntmaster_Mike Email  [email protected] Pitt Imps is brought to you each week by Brainstorm Brewery and Taitan Game Shop

Pitt Imps Podcast #119 Mind Your Business

This week we fight through tech problems but manage to go over both GP’s and all the news. Angelo rants again. Seriously, why keep pissing him off? Then Angelo and Mike tell you how they each did at their respective PPTQ/IQ that they attended.

Host Angelo   Twitter  @ganksuou

Co-Host Mike     Twitter   @Huntmaster_Mike

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Pitt Imps Podcast #118 Rants Away

In this weeks episode of the Pitt Imps the guys go over both standard GP’s with a little more vigor than usual. They take about Cedric’s amazing run to the SCG top8  only to have to face his worst matchup. A ton of Modern Masters things came out and a quick touch on Tempest Remastered before it goes live on MTGO. Then Angelo loses his mind a bit. He goes off on the idea that political correctness has run a muck. Then blah, blah, blah. I mean it is an audio podcast and all.

Host Angelo   Twitter  @ganksuou

Co-Host  Mike     Twitter  @Huntmaster_Mike

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Pitt Imps Podcast #117 Will Will Be Walking

This is the last week for Will as a regular until the fall. He’s going for a walk. So he choose the topic (Ethics in Magic). We go over the BS with the SCG chat over the weekend. Talk about the tournament that happened in Cleveland. Maybe I strong armed us into spending way to much time on the new direction Mardu decks appear to be moving. We chat about Scouting and is it good or bad for the game and come to no conclusion. We also manage to fit in the maybe spoilers for MM2. Then the rambling starts and we say good-bye for now to Will.

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Co-Host Mike     Twitter  @Huntmaster_Mike

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Pitt Imps Podcast #116 PT Experience

This week the Imps welcomed back Zac Roorda as a guest on the show. He helped us go through the two GP’s in the city’s that start with K. One was Standard while the other was a rare Legacy GP in Japan. Then we picked Zac’s brain about what it was like to be a first time PT competitor. So cool by the way. We went over his decks and then began to ramble about everything.

Host    Angelo      Twitter  @ganksuou

Co-Host   Will      Facebook

Co-Host    Mike     Twitter @Huntmaster_Mike

Guest    Zac Roorda     Twitter   @Kithkinz

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Pitt Imps Podcast #115 PT DRAGONS!!!

Well its that time again. The Pro Tour. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, we got you covered. As has become a tradition for us we go over the entire thing RD by RD. Yup, every one of them. There was good Magics played. Some very naughty players. A very quick finals and so much more.

Host Angelo   Twitter @ganksuou

Co-Host Will     Find on Facebook

Co-Host Mike    Twitter  @Huntmaster_Mike

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Pitt Imps Podcast #114 We Be Draft’in

This weeks show starts with Angelo talking about some very personal things that has been going on. You know all the things he normally says he doesn’t want to talk about. Then after a the guys take a break they come back to go over SCG Cuse. They go over the slight rules changes to Platinum Pro’s and PPTQ’s. Then they draft for the PT.

Host Angelo     Twitter  @ganksuou

Co-Host Mike    Twitter  @Huntmaster_Mike

Co-Host Will    Facebook

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Pitt Imps Podcast #113 Bear with Imp Wings

This week, we welcome Jon Celso onto the cast as our fourth host. While the departure from Tap’N”Sac has left him a bit upset, we are more than willing to give him a mic seat. We go over the SCG Invitational and Open. We take a few to cover the Gauntlet of Greatness, which figured out what the best Standard deck of all time is. Hint: do you like degenerately drawing cards? Yeah, it’s that.

(Important note for the gullible: this show was part of an April’s Fools Joke. Jon Celso is not a permanent host.)

Host Angelo   Twitter @ganksuou

Co-Host Jon   Twitter @BalduvianBears 

Co-Host  Mike  Twitter   @Huntmaster_Mike

Co-Host  Will   Facebook

Gauntlet of Greatness

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Pitt Imps Podcast #112 Back Pain

This week, the Imps have prerelease stories. Not much else really happened in competitive Magic, so its a good thing we had these. We do go over the B&R Announcement as well as the Commander rule change. Keep in mind that none of us are hardcore Commander players so I don’t think we really understood all the outrage. Any who, this is our show. There are many like it but , this one is ours. Our show is our best friend. It is our life. We must master it like we must master our life. Without us our show is useless. Without our show we are useless. We must fire our show true. We must shoot straighter than the other casts that are trying to kill us. We must shoot them before they shoot us. We will. Before God we swear this creed. Our show and ourselves re defenders of this game. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of our lives. So be it, until there is no enemy, but peace, and men.

Host  Angelo   Twitter  @ganksuou

Co-Host   Will    Find him on Facebook

Co-Host     Mike   Twitter   @Huntmaster_Mike

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Pitt Imps Podcast #111 GP Cleveland

This week we go over the GP Auckland and GP Cleveland. The going over of Cleveland is a huge part of the show, since two of us were there. We talk about the change to 6-2-2-2 for any flashback drafts on MTGO. I give you guys the highlights of a two-hour sit-down interview that I got with the TO of GP Cleveland. Some things are good and some things are bad when we talk about the future of GPs. Then we do our Best of Dragons of Tarkir segment that we always do when a new set comes out. I’m sure we got most of them wrong but its so much fun. Then all the stories from the GP come out.

Host Angelo   Twitter @ganksuou

Co-Host  Will     Facebook

The guy with the bad mic     Mike    Twitter  @Huntmaster_Mike

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Pitt Imps Podcast #110 Mushrooms

Wow. This episode was riddled with tech problems. I almost called this episode “Train Wreck.” Anyway, I managed to make it kind of listenable. We go over everything from PAX East and the GPs, and had Judge Frank on to look closer at the mechanics of Dragon of Tarkir. I also left a bit of raw unedited footage at the end just so you guys can hear exactly how bad it can be.

Host  Angelo   Twitter  @ganksuou

Co-Host Will    Facebook

The other guy  Mike    Twitter @Huntmaster_Mike

Guest   Frank

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Pitt Imps Podcast #109 $900 in Goyfs

This week, we broke away from normal and took a look at the SCG Open. Then we got to go over some new mechanics and spoilers for Dragons of Tarkir. Will goes on some tangent about an old tournament that was won on the back of [card]Char[/card]. We find out its Mike’s birthday. We call one of the island boys racist. I talk for a while about DBZ Xenoverse and Will lets us know if he got to park his jeep mud deep.

Host Angelo    Twitter  @ganksuou

Co Host Will     Facebook

Other Guy Mike    Twitter   @Huntmaster_Mike

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Pitt Imps Podcast #108 Lots of MTGO

This week, it’s our turn to go over the Modern and Standard GPs. We find out about Pac-t and why it’s so important to pronounce the T. We also dig deep into all the MTGO news that came out and we try to give new players a push in either direction as to why it is or is not worth jumping into MTGO. There’s bad beats, driving tips, and so  much more on this week’s episode of the Pitt Imps Podcast. Did I mention all the cheese?

Host Angelo    Twitter  @ganksuou

Co-Host   Will   Facebook

Maybe Co-Host    Mike   Twitter  @Huntmater-Mike

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Pitt Imps Podcast #107 Age of Affinity

This week, we go over the Standard GP that just passed. We also cover some quick news. I don’t know, something about a Dual Deck or a FTV or something. Then we ramble for a bit. Oh wait. Crap, almost forgot. We are giving a guy a try at the third seat.

Host Angelo  Twitter Ganksuou

Co-Host Will   Facebook

The New Guy  Mike   Twitter  @Huntmaster_Mike

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Pitt Imps Podcast #106 PT Fate Reforged

Obviously this is our big week. We take great pride in being the best PT coverage podcast out there, and WE ARE. The work that goes into one of these is unreal but its so  worth it. PTs are the very best Magic out there being played and we try to give them justice. If you have never listened to a Pitt Imps this is a good place to start. We cover round by round action and still hit the news that always comes out during these things. So if you missed it, don’t worry: we got your back.

Host Angelo     Twitter @ganksuou

Co-Host Will     Facebook Will Abston

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Pitt Imps Podcast #105 Very Limited

This week on the cast, we got to go over two Limited GPs. These are the first ones since Fate Reforged was released and there is plenty that we can take from them. Wizards announced a new policy that effects more than likely nobody you know. If you do know people that it effects, the number is  probably very small. Then me and Will go ahead and try to predict the future of Magic. These predictions are all bound to be wrong, but it was fun nonetheless.

Host Angelo  Twitter @ganksuou

Co-Host Will  Facebook

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Pitt Imps Podcast #104 Back to Basics

This week, the Imps make their triumphant return to BSB by taking the time to see what happened over at SCG DC. Its seemed right, since it was the first week of the bannings in Modern and the first weekend of Standard with Fate Reforged. We then talked briefly about the Sunday Super Series Championship. Then a little new,s followed by a segment about going back to the fundamentals of the game with the topic being mana curves. Then we ramble and stuff. By the way, I’m well aware I messed up the trivia. I was sick and I read it directly from a bad website that did MTG trivia. Oh well.

Host Angelo  Twitter @ganksuou

CO-Host Will           He’s on Facebook

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Pitt Imps Podcast #100 You Will Be Missed Ryan

Welcome to Pitt Imps #100. Holy crap. We got here. In this episode, we celebrate the show, the listeners, and Ryan. This being his last episode with us as a permanent host created a very touching moment which we quickly snuffed out. We answered questions from the listeners, and Angelo, unknown to the other hosts, put in a drinking game. Every time Angelo says, “I feel ya,” you drink. Good luck getting to the end if you choose to play. Angelo plots the next two-year vision of what he perceives the show will become and how you guys can help him reach his vision. A bunch of other podcasters jumped on to help us celebrate this occasion and Chris Lanci (posse member) sent us all a nice cigar to smoke during the celebration. Pitt Imps will now be taking a brief hiatus during the holidays and maybe an extra week. From all of us to all of you Happy Holidays. Don’t die on New Years Eve please.

Host  Angelo  @Ganksuou

Co-Host Ryan  @brotheryan

Co-Host Will   He don’t do the Twitter thing.


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Special Thanks to (in order of appearance) Chewie  @TheManaPool   Find him on MNM, The Mana Pool, and TMP News Jack LaCroix   @jacklacroix   Find him on MNM, Not Another Magic Podcast, and MTGBroDeals.com Jon Celso   @BalduvianBears  Find him on Tap’N’Sac and a writer on MTGBrodeals.com Calvin Layfield   @Zero_Layfield    Find him on Direct Damage Cast on zerofortitude.com Kaesi Corne   @GirlOnNerds   Find her on Direct Damage Cast on zerofortitude.com Marcel  @MarcelMTG  Find him Brainstorm Brewery Cast on BrainstormBrewery.com Matty   @MattyStudios  Find him on the Heavy Meta Podcast on manadeprived.com David Moline  @raginggumby   Find him on the Heavy Meta Podcast on manadeprived.com TSG   @TristanGregson  Find him on the Heavy Meta Podcast on manadeprived.com Ryan Bushard  @CryppleCommand  Find him on Brainstorm Brewery Cast and as a writer at Gatheringmagic.com Jason Alt   @JasonEAlt    Find him on Brainstorm Brewery Cast, Money Draught, and as a writer for QuietSpeculation.com Houston   @TNSGingerAle  Find him on Tap’N’Sac Podcast on TapNSac.com

Pitt Imps Podcast #99 Worlds

Join our dynamic duo (Will had work issues and couldn’t make it) as they regale you with the events that occurred as the world’s eyes were upon France. Top decks for wins. A bunch of other crap. My experiment proved that most don’t read this anyway. If just one person would have responded last week to the show summary you would of won a prize. Nobody did. So due to that, I must assume that you guys don’t read this. By the way next week is episode 100. That’s crazy!

Host Angelo    Twitter @ganksuou

Co-Host Ryan    Twitter @brotheryan

Co-Host Will    He’s not on Twitter

email   [email protected]

Pitt Imps Podcast #98 BOGO

This week is much like any other. We go over the tournaments and the news. Look, it’s episode 98—by now, you guys should know what this show is about. If not, just listen to it and you’ll figure it out pretty quick. We ramble about our lives after the tournaments. Smurfs are blue. Stop sign. Wind Chimes. I wonder if anyone reads this. Rainbows tastes like watermelon. I got a pen. Exo-planets fascinate me. Oh, yeah: Ryan missed this week due to reasons.

Host Angelo @ganksuou

Co-Host Will  Facebook

Co-Host  Ryan  @brotheryan

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Pitt Imps Podcast #97 Girls Volleyball

This week, the Imps go over GP Ottawa and SCG Richmond. We go over the huge news from SCG with their tournament structure changing. We congratulate Melissa DeTora on her new job. Then we talk about the latest episode of South Park. After finishing that chat, I realized that we didn’t even mention one part of the episode and we are just as bad as the boys on the show. So I named the episode after what we missed. That should make up for it.

Host Angelo    Twitter @ganksuou

Co-Host Ryan    Twitter  @brotheryan

Co-Host Will   Go to face book he’s there somewhere I’m sure

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Pitt Imps Podcast #96 Really Random Everything

This week, we had what can only be described as one of our best posse members on: Mr. Corey Brown. We talk about the Madrid mess that was a GP and head over to talk about Legacy over at GP Jersey. Then we just seem to hit every random thing you possibly could: from tailgating to MLP to outer space. Even Ryan’s shoutouts were about as random as you can possibly get.

Host Angelo  @ganksuou

Co-Host Ryan   @brotheryan

Co-Host Will  find him on Facebook I guess

Guest Corey  @HowlingJackkyl

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