Month: June 2016

Brainstorm Brewery #197 – Down to the Wire

It’s almost Episode 200 and you know what that means! Or maybe you don’t. I personally think it means we’ll start labeling our episodes “198.5, 198.9, 199.0” etc. Still, just because this isn’t our Episode 200 extravaganza doesn’t mean this isn’t an action-packed episode. There are spoilers to cover, finance happenings, e-mails to read, a…

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Brainstorm Brewery #196 – Listening to Fans (For Some Reason)

Marcel is hit with a work/baby 1-2 punch leaving him unable to join the cast. Things get very interesting when Liliana Alt decides she wants to emulate her father’s night owl lifestyle and forces Jason to cast with her in his lap, contributing verbally but unintelligibly when the mood strikes her. It’s adorable, and if…

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Brainstorm Brewery #195 – Stitched Together

Corbin had to leave early and Marcel had to show up late. It wasn’t ideal but neither was skipping another week. What were we to do? Record in two separate pieces and stitch it together with audio magic, that’s what! With Eternal Masters to discuss, a Merfolk deck winning a GP and e-mails to finally…

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