Brainstorm Brewery #16 – Kicking the Shit!

“Top quality financial information and innovative deck brewing!”

— Sam Black creates a new Masterpiece Legacy deck for GP Atlanta using Goblin Bombardment, Faithless Looting, Gravecrawlers and other goodness, lots of synergy!!!

— Merfolks, Merfolks, Merfolks!!! Corbin is ecstatic over his pet legacy deck winning the SCG Open with another Blue/Black Merfolk in 4th!

— We talk M13 and the rise of the Vampires; also we cover reprints in Intro Decks.

— Corbin’s been tinkering with Mono Red Storm in Standard, with tokens and Burn at the Stake for the win!!!? Here about how M13 will help the deck.

— Marcel brewed up a mono white artifact control deck with Clock of Omens & Trading Post as the M13 additions, in its early stage this deck will be improved on soon.


Scott Camp & Shaun Mahler are our contest winner with solid arguments in favor and against the Reserved List respectively. They each win a AVR draft set. Thank you listeners for all your responses they were great, here are the responses, a good read.


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