Brainstorm Brewery #39 – Raw & Uncut!

Will Corbin ever figure out how technology works? Has Ryan actually broken Modern? What’s the best name for a deck with Griselbrand and Boborygmos? Did Marcel managed to edit this cast into something that resembles continuity? Will Jason talk another 5 minutes with his mic turned off? Find out all this and more on another exciting installment of Brainstorm Brewery.

  • The Banned and Restricted List went up this week and Bloodbraid Elf and Seething Song are both banned. Which cards are going up or down based on how the meta is going to change?
  • WOTC has announced that each booster of Dragon’s Maze will have a non-basic land- this will increase the number of Shocklands in print- but by how much? Hear both sides of the argument.
  • A card the entire cast called “much better than bulk” has increased even in excess of what the gang had hoped. Which card is finally capturing the imagination of the player base, selling for nearly five times its presale price even before the set is legal?
  • Which cards merit a second look based on how well they performed in limited? Ryan’s pick of the week is a spicy card with a ton of potential. Is this card going to impact the format or will it be a solid card without a home? How deep do we go on this bulk rare?
  • Gatecrash gets its first $3 uncommon. How many of you can guess what it is?
  • The “What do you call a Brainstorm Brewery listener?” contest from Reddit continues into its third week. Can you beat the current front runner? There’s some merch in it for one lucky listener.

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One comment on “Brainstorm Brewery #39 – Raw & Uncut!

  1. Jason Alt says:

    Wow, 50% of this was never intended for our listeners’ ears. We sure do swear a lot. In case anyone was wondering if we tried to muster a modicum of decorum on the actual cast, this episode is proof positive.

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