Brainstorm Brewery #40 – Binder Twine Fiasco

It’s a no holds barred edition of Brainstorm Brewery. Which cast member is going to be made an honorary hood chef? What’s responsible for the spike in Ryan’s number of Twitter followers? What?s the new best budget Legacy deck? Can you guess which deck does well when Corbin isn’t around to talk about it? Pull the blinds down, put the kids to bed and put on some Barry White because Brainstorm Brewery just turned 40 and all it wants in the world is some young thing to tell it is still beautiful.

  • It’s Cougar Madness as Brainstorm Brewery is officially over the hill
  • The gang is playing a man down when the binder twine connecting Corbin’s tin can to the rest of the gangs? is cut again. Can they carry on in his absence? (yes)
  • It’s a shocking twist right up front as the gang manages to get through picks of the week without anyone trying to use Mutilate. Ryan is unprepared which is not a shocking twist
  • Wizards announces two more Event decks and posts the lists online. The gang runs down the lists and there is much talk of financial implications
  • SCG Atlanta came and went. What’s the new face of Standard? How about Legacy? Decklists are discussed, cards are evaluated and feelings are hurt
  • Jason tries not to say “like” so much. Is his new technique an improvement?
  • Down a man, the gang tries a new “random” selection technique for “What’s it worth?” Will the random cards Gatherer generates leave the gang stumped? Will they get lobbed a few underhand pitches?


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