Brainstorm Brewery #41 – Pro Tour Redemption

Could Jason actually be wrong by over $60 on a “What’s It Worth?” pick? What card is Ryan hoarding this week? Is a new Twitter account coming out soon? Find out what exciting developments are in the works, get thoroughly schooled on the MTGO economy and laugh until you pee a little bit, this is Brainstorm Brewery Episode 41.

  • Casey (@TheCardNexus) owner of TheCardNexus MODO bot &, joins the gang as a special guest host.
  • The crew discusses at length the effect the $25 redemption fee will have on the coming price dip from MODO sets being redeemed. What exactly will this affect?
  • Ryan, Jason & Corbin faces their toughest “What’s It Worth” challenge to date as Casey hits them with MODO-specific cards. How close are they with their MODO prices? Marcel is just laughing to the bank.
  • This is a big “Pick of the Week” as the Pro Tour and Modern season are making huge waves. The cards they recommend you dump and pick up may actually surprise you.
  • Inside info from the trade tables at SCG Open Cinci will help you in your trading for the next few weeks.
  • The cohorts have a special announcement that will affect where you go to find future episodes.


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