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What Modern and Legacy staple did Marcel never learn how to pronounce? Why would a full art Mutavault make Jason rage? What’s the new promo card for the World Cup and who thinks it’s ugly? What does Corbin mean by “Leave 10% for the next guy?” Will anyone take Ryan up on his offer to double down on his Fogo De Chao bet with Corbin? Find out all this and more on Episode 42 of Brainstorm Brewery, now with 100% more Gathering Magic!

  • The gang introduces themselves to new listeners and refreshes the memory of returning fans. With over 20 years? combined experience they’ve assembled a crack team that has all the inside information about magic finance and brewing both in paper and on MODO.
  • The gang starts off with “Pick of the Week”, a segment where they each pick a card and talk about whether you should be picking them up or selling them off.
  • The recent GP in Charlotte was the largest Magic the Gathering event in History. What should Wizards do about the need for extra rounds before drafts on Day 2? Also discussed were other practical issues if this trend continues and 2500+ attendee Grand Prix are the new normal.
  • Ryan and Corbin made a bet on a past episode. Get the entire story here and decide who you?re backing.
  • This topic lead perfectly into a discussion of the recent price spikes. How do you know when a card is spiking for a good reason or because of some manipulation? The crew covers what to look for and when to sell and when to buy in.
  • The game “What’s it worth?” is back, using as a handy price guide. Jason and Ryan are eager to try and guess the other’s pick to make the other one have to scramble for a new one like they do every week. Listen to find out how that pans out.


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