What other than magic cards seems like a solid investment right now, spawning its own brand new finance hashtag on twitter? Is this the last episode for one of the gang? Who’s responsible for the “Shambleshark” account? Jason has a $50 bounty out for every copy of a specific card all you listeners can ship him, but what is it? Is there a new potential bet between Corbin and Ryan? Find out the answer to all these questions and more when the cast turns 43 and all bets (well, not ALL bets) are off on another action packed, brew-fueled episode of your favorite podcast for Magic finance and general tomfoolery, Brainstorm Brewery.

  • Fully acclimated to being a part of the Gathering Magic team, the gang brings it in an episode that?s all about long term holds and pickups.
  • It wouldn’t be called “Brainstorm Brewery” if the gang didn’t enjoy a bit of liquid refreshment now and again. But what’s everyone drinking? Listen up while they start with a segment Jason’s calling “What’s everyone drinking?, a name we hope he works on.
  • Is RTR stuff just a little too good right now? The guys examine some of the bargain basement prices of RTR cards that can’t possibly stay this cheap forever. Listen as “What’s it Worth?” segues seamlessly into an in-depth discussion about RTR cards they think everyone should target.
  • A new dual deck is seeing print and it could affect the market prices of a few key cards. Should we bust them for singles or hold them sealed? Should we stay away? Find out what they think.
  • “What’s it Worth?” devolves into a longer game than usual. Should they use “The Price is Right” rules or let someone who called a $7.99 card as $8 have it? Who keeps getting ignored when it’s time to say who?s closest? Are any of these cards good pickups? You’ll have to listen to find out.


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