Who’s on the chopping block this week as the potential next host to be fired? Will Marcel ever learn non-Modo prices? Will the other guys learn Modo prices? Who gets accused of cheating during What’s it worth? You’ll have to listen to another episode jam packed with so much goodness that they had to leave a few items from their agenda for another week because your head just might explode from all the info. It’s Episode 45 of everyone’s favorite MTG Financial podcast, Brainstorm Brewery.

  • It’s a mailbag-tastic episode as the gang reads listener mail and talks more Finance 101 as well as addressing some concerns about potential market saturation.
  • How do you deal with someone who’s just trying to get value? Everyone has advice on what to do in a situation that’s becoming more and more common at major events. Is trading dead for good? You decide.
  • Pick of the week is all about Modern and how it’s going to affect prices in the near and long term.
  • How will the addition of a fourth PT and PTQ Season affect prices? Rumor has it that we could see a lot more core set limited than before and the gang has some ideas about what this could do to prices. You won’t want to miss this brainstorming session.
  • What’s it worth is raucous as always and this week the gang picks a few cards that may surprise you and leads to some more tips about potential cards to scoop.


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2 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #45 – Typical Derailed Podcast

  1. tristan says:

    hi guys great podcast , whats your thoughts on Blightsteel Colossus as a long term pick up . Its got to find a place in Modern at some point doesn’t it ?

  2. King Don says:

    Great episode! I appreciate you guys doing the Finance 101 stuff. Since i’m not sure where you guys actually read the comments, i posted this on BrainstormBrewery.com and am copying it here:

    One thing you guys talk about a lot on the show that might be worth covering for the 101 segment is buylisting.

    I am definitely one of those players that doesn’t get too any big events. I’ve looked at some online “buylists”, but most of them are tedious. LegitMTG and CardKingdom both use the same store method for their buylist where you have to search or browse for cards. ScamCityGames does use the buylist list method, which is more convenient. Is there any online ones you would recommend or would it be better to trek to an event for this?

    I started playing at the beginning and have a collection of about 25,000 cards. I have 2 sons now, so all of my power and powerful have been sold for disposable Christmas presents long ago. I still have some good stuff, but about 20,000 bulk(ish) cards from 4th-present that i would like to turn into profit or better cards. I really would like to get more into the financial side of magic, but my 12-year old and i still play a bit, so we will always be dipping into the collection.

    My hope is to maximize the cash i can get for my bulk and use that money to start investing in cards or buying collections. Any advice there? I was thinking of packaging them into groups like 300 green cards or 50 cards from Legends to sell on eBay/craigslist. Any thoughts?

    Also, is there a spreadsheet that i could download with every magic card that i could use to inventory my collection? With current prices would be ideal.

    A few more topics for the show:

    Everyone selling thinks their collection is worth more than it is.

    Is it wise to trade an Onslaught fetchland for 2 Zendikar ones if the value is equal?

    What are the chances they will reprint the fetchlands?

    Will Theros be swimming with merfolk?

    Do i recall hearing some drunken rants by Marcel on MtgCast about a year ago or was that a different silky-voiced alcoholic magic player?

    Maybe a little more brewing?

    Thanks guys! Keep up the great work!

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