Will the gang be able to carry on without Marcel? Who nearly charges headlong into oblivion, threatening to cut the cast short before a crucial segment is completed? Why does Jason’s mic sound like garbage (no, really, we want to know! He paid a lot for it!) Which cast member steps up to replace Marcel, asking a tricky MODO question that stumps the rest of the crew? Find out the answer to all this and more on a special, no-holds-barred listener mail edition of your favorite podcast. Join us for another stupefying episode of Brainstorm Brewery.

  • It’s a listener mailbag extravaganza as the cast is heavily influenced by e-mails from faithful listeners.
  • How will the gang handle an attempt at a seamless segue from listener mail to “Pick of the week” without the dulcet tones of Marcel to keep the gang on task? Listen up to find out if they managed.
  • Corbin tries to piggyback a listener pick for this week’s pick of the week, and when he’s “no sir’d” he has to pick again. That’s what we call “value” in this game! Twice the picks for the price of one!
  • The new block has been revealed to be a Grecco-Roman-themed block with the first set called “Theros”. The gang speculates heavily but inquiring minds just want to know- Will there be Merfolk?
  • Dragon’s Maze spoiler season is nearly upon us, and the gang gets us started with information we know from PAX East to whet everyone?s appetite.
  • ?!?!?!? What’s it Worth? Almost doesn’t happen, but Jason heroically saves the day and keeps the gang on track. What would this cast be without everyone’s favorite segment


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