How many times will Jason have to tell the same story before Corbin’s mic starts working? What did people in Oklahoma thinks was happening during this weekend’s earthquake? Marcel’s been cheating on Brainstorm Brewery- but which podcast made him stray? How hard do you cringe during the uncomfortable silence after Ryan gets done talking? Find out all this, plus a host of new European idiomatic expressions, a tirade, and the kind of tangents that have made this podcast legendary around the world on this week’s episode of Brainstorm Brewery which will have you saying “I can’t wait for Episode 50 next week” if you’re the kind of person who talks to yourself. Weirdo.

  • Someone listened to last week’s episode!
  • Spoiler season is upon us, and it seems like the gang can’t even get through their picks of the week without spoiling a few cards. That’s what I call value!
  • Who’s behind the recent price increases in Legacy and is it good or bad for the game? The cast weighs in, and they may not be ready to declare Legacy dead on arrival just yet.
  • Spoiler Season is in full swing and all sorts of different cards get mentioned. What should we look for in past cards to compare new ones to? Is there financial opportunity in spoiled cards besides picking up those specific cards? How can you be ahead of the next card to spike? Find out the answer to all these questions when the gang digs deep into the spoiler.
  • What would you like to hear about in next week’s spoiler episode? A return of “bulk or not bulk?” Values 1-5 assigned to the financial potential of a card like playability reviews do? Have your own idea? Submit them to [email protected] before Monday to make sure this spoiler season is your most profitable yet!
  • The gang decides to weigh in on the YMTC with four black global enchantments that showcase the design talent of each cast member. Vote for your favorite by sending an email to the address above.
  • The cast, predictably, goes a little long. “What’s it Worth?” gets the axe this week, but when you hear what replaced it, you honestly might not care.

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