Forced Fruition Episode 12: Tribal Cube Angels


Divine Favor

This week I’m pleased to welcome my good friend Jan (pronounced “Yawn,” he’s a dude) to the show to help take me through an MTGO Cube draft! As the title indicates, we wound up with most of the angel cards in the cube and played them to great success. This week I’m also introducing a new segment on the show, a “Beer of the Week” which I (and any of my guests) enjoy during the draft. We’ll talk about it right after deckbuilding moving forward. If anyone has had this week’s brew (Titan IPA from Great Divide Brewing), I’d love to hear what you think of it! Cheers!

Drafting Pack 1 and 2


Drafting Pack 3 and Deckbuilding


[deck title=Tribal Cube Angels]
*1 Exalted Angel

*1 Wall of reverence

*1 Restoration Angel

*1 Blade Splicer

*1 Mulldrifter

*1 Glen Elendra Archmage

*1 Old Man of the Sea

*1 Decree of Justice

*1 Oust

*1 Upheaval

*1 Tidings

*1 Compulsive Research

*1 Impulse

*1 Preordain

*1 Wildfire

*1 Sphinx’s Revelation

*1 Prophetic Bolt

*1 Engineered Explosives

*1 Gilded Lotus

*1 Vedalken Shackles

*1 Coalition Relic

*1 Basalt Monolith

*1 Sphere of the Suns
*1 Ancient Tomb

*1 Flooded Strand

*1 Mystic Gate

*1 Tundra

*1 Shivan Reef

*1 Sacred Foundry

*3 Plains

*8 Island


And Blue cards

There are white cards

Beer of the week


Match 1 Game 1


Match 1 Game 2


Match 2 Game 1


Match 2 Game 2


Match 3 Game 1


Match 3 Game 2


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