Serum Visions: Lager is Beautiful

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Serum Visions! This week, we are going to be talking about the most popular beer in the world: the lager. There is a beautiful and interesting history behind this type of beer that is hidden behind its most recognizable brand, Budweiser. While finding its roots in Austria in the mid 1500s, it…

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Immortal Constellation: A Historical Look At Standard Combo Decks

“Cast [card]Immortal Servitude[/card] for X = 3… get back my whole graveyard…triggers…kill you?” Standard is not a format renowned for combo decks. Most of the time, we see a rock-paper-scissors metagame filled with aggro-midrange-control matchups, as opposed to the aggro-combo-control matchups we read and hear about when beginning to learn “Magic theory.” However, this is…

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