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Altered Card of the Week #1

Tarmogoyf by Klug Alters It’s always cool to see altered cards in play, it’s even cooler to see them during Live coverage at GP Indy!!!? There was interesting controversy as commentator ex-High Judge Sheldon Menery, said he wouldn’t of allowed the cards to be played because they make it hard to tell it’s a Goyf.

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Deranged Outcast Spec

Deranged Outcast MTGO: 0.05 tix – CFB: $0.49 – SCG: $0.99 – Ebay: $0.75 Definite power play on MTGO with the card at the price floor for rares.? With Avacyn Restored, humans will be the dominate force and Deranged Outcast has a relevant ability on an aggressively costed creature .? More a long term spec,…

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Moday Night Magic #300

[dewplayer:http://traffic.libsyn.com/mtgcast/MNM_300.mp3] Listen to the first plug for Brainstorm Brewery at the end of the episode.

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